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User #1: Jane

User #2: Greg

User #3: Terry

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Scenario 1: Does the library have a copy of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens? How would you find that information?

Only 1 user went directly to the catalog.

Scenario 2: You heard that Gerald Ford has a presidental library here in Ann Arbor. Where is it located, and when is it open?

Only 1 user went directly to "libraries". It didn't connect with the other users that the Ford Libary was part of the UofM library system. User #1 went to 'events', 'libary announcements', finally finds it. User #3 searches the catalog, never finds it on her own.

Scenario 3: Does the library have wi-fi? Is there anything special I need to know about connecting my computer to their wi-fi? Can the public or alumni use their wi-fi?

Only had time to test 1 user on this. "About MLibary"..."Using the library". Uses computer CNTL+F to find "wi-fi" on page. Found "computing in the libary", but wasn't really clear.

Scenario 4: I heard ProQuest just came out with a new platform that has lots of databases on it. How do I find it?

Scenario 6: You'd like to take a class to learn how to more effectively use the library's resources. How do you find one?

Scenario 7: You're an engineering Masters student and would like to do some research. Can you find databases for engineering? Also, who is your engineering librarian?

Only had time to test User #3. He found it quickly, he went to 'libraries', 'engineering library', then 'subject librarian'.

Scenario 9: How do you search only the library website?

None of the users could figure out how to do this.