Brainstorming content

Reflecting on the previous work I've done exploring and analyzing the library website (heuristic review, competitive analysis, user testing and personas), what content should be featured on the library homepage?

Must haves:

The library website has an incredible amount of information on it. What content is vital to be featured on the library's gateway page? Some quick brainstorming:

Brainstorming possible list of content for library homepage

Lo-fi prototype brainstorming

After thinking about what content is most important, I started brainstorming possible ways to present the information on the homepage.

Header navigation possibilities

First try at header labels:

Brainstorming navigation for header

After more brainstorming, another take at the labels and what features are on the header. I decided to feature a website search box in the header - consistent with many types of websites, libraries included. Also thought it was important to advertise "Ask a librarian", so users get frustrated, they don't have to stress out about figuring out how to ask a librarian a question.

More brainstorming navigation for header

Drop down menu brainstorming

So much content on this website! What should be highlighted in the drop down menus? These content could be for drop down menus, or inserted in a left pane navigation menu.

More brainstorming navigation for header

Library homepage

Based on feedback from user testing, the search resources were made more prominent and bigger so they would be easier to find and use.

The news, events, announcements, and featured resources could stay in the left pane. If a left navigation is used, the news, etc could be replaced with the left nav.

Library prototype