To create these personas, I reflected on my time developing personas at my past jobs, the recent user testing I did, my library related classes at SI, and my time spent in libraries.

Initial Brainstorming

First I considered what type of users interact with the library.

Of the above list, I'll focus on the most common users of the library.

Greg Miller - Undergraduate Student (age 21)

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Greg graduated with an associates degree from a community college, and is now enrolled at the university in computer science. He lives off campus, and uses the library frequently from home, but when he's on campus he works in the library in case he has any questions. He is active in sports and other extra curricular activities, so he really wants to just get his work done so he can watch ESPN and socialize with friends.

Searching experience

What does Greg want from the library?

Tyrika Jones - PhD (age 41)

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Tyrika graduated with her bachelors degree in Education in 1992. She taught high school English for several years while earning her masters degree part-time. She later decided she'd like to go into administration, and was accepted into the Education administration PhD program at her local university. Tyrika is married, has two children, and spends much of her time at home with her family, at the library doing her homework, or volunteering for after school programs in her city.

Searching experience

What does Tyrika want from the library?

Prasad Challa - Faculty (age 38)

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Prasad graduated from the University of Cambridge’s School of Biological Sciences in 2000 where he met his wife Anindita. After they were married, they packed up and headed across the pond to a university’s Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry Program (MCCB) where one of the lab’s principal investigator’s shared his research interest. 2006 was a big year for Prasad, as not only was his thesis published and Ph.D. granted; his wife Anindita gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Suresh. He was then offered a faculty position to stay at the university to teach, and continue his research into the delicate proteins involved in cell mitosis. He's been there ever since.

Searching experience

What does Prasad want from the library?

Jane Sutherland - Library Staff (age 63)


Jane graduated with an asssociates in library technology from a community college in 1970. She than began to work full time in technical services for the community college library. 15 years later, she accepted a technical service job at the local university, and has worked there ever since. Jane's latest project has been cataloging a collection of DVDs.

Searching experience

What does Jane want from the library?

Rachel Carter - Reference Librarian (age 58)


Rachel graduated with her masters in library science from a state school in 1976. She currenly is the psychology/sociology librarian for a large state university, and has been there for 10 years. Before that, she was a multi-disciplinary reference librarian for a small liberal arts college. Rachel is a member of ALA and other professional organizations related to her subject specialty.

Searching experience

What else does Rachel do for the library?